Fred Oakman and Fleets Split Record

by Fred Oakman

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Breeze 03:06
Breeze the air, the windows are down, I wish you could hear me. But I know why you haven't been coming around, I pray you're not lonely. The cold night is warmed by the help of the hearts of my surrounding company. These folks I know and love, they raise their glasses so high, they'll never run empty. And I think I, I've found a way to help you push through your trying days. It starts here, and ends somewhere else, like maybe our backyard. Your name was spoken softer today than I have ever heard before in this world. I'd like to think you're making some sense of the things that you were having troubles with before. The churches and trees are singing us songs, they'll keep singing when we're put to rest. But all I want right now is to hold you in these arms but I've got this guitar instead. And I think I, I've found a way to help you push through these trying days. It starts here and ends somewhere else, but I don't know. It's always easy come, it's never easy go.
It's a lonely view on top the porch. It won't get better `til it gets worse because I hear it takes two. And the neon lights keep flickering, kind of like their tired of the bickering, through and through. Chatter from the bar downstairs, through the floor straight to my ears, I hear nothing new. I'm not sure what I'm down about, on my back, on your old couch but I love you. I love you. Empty bottles and empty mouths. A lifetime spent not knowing how to truly feel. Fallen oak leaves rustle `round. Louder than I've heard this town. Christ it's been years, since I've sang a song like this, since I've ever truly wished that this was not real. Either you get up or you lock down, at nights I swear it's so unsound without, without you here. Please don't leave me alone. Please believe me, we're not wrong. Oh please don't leave me at home. We're two wings, two wings to a dove.
It's a long road west when you're this far east. Now I know what will and will never be. You know I've got a promise and it sits out by the sea. Some nights it gets heavy, most times it's always tough. This head's been busted far too many times to fix it up. The asphalt used to know my name by heart. The asphalt used to tear my life apart. Kept it quiet in the daylight still I hear it in the dark. Some nights it get's lonely, most days I fight the cold. A habit's only habit when it starts to get old. It's a long road up when you're this beat down. Picked up a thing or two on the other side of town. It makes it less intrusive if you promise not to tell. It's nights I wish I didn't when I'm lucky that I did. Sometimes it's more convincing to convince them with a grin. They try so hard they cannot kill me. Let the alarms sound, let them keep on trying. I had my hopes up, you lit my let downs. I hit some new lows, I lost some old ground, I do it so well. If I could grow wings I'd have done it long ago. And if life came easy it would have come by now you know. I had my hopes up, you lit my let downs. I hit some new lows, I do it so well, I do it so well.I trace my love straight across your palm. This love, it won't stop for anyone. It's always just a hope in which we keep these waters calm. Today I'm feeling restless, tomorrow I'll feel dead. The morning often greets me with a pounding in my head. I'm torn between the now and then. Regrets not knowing what I could have been. I'd hate to see you start back up to suffer in the end. You know I'd love to promise that I'll always be alright, but tim will always rise and drop the dog with all the fight.
Boy 02:33
They were crying dead poetic as the preacher burned his book and freed all of the witches from the curse of hopeful youth. It never means the same way as the first time it is done, yet still I miss the way you'd kiss and hold me in the sun. They found you're notebook safely packed into your suitcase tight. But you were nowhere near to be found and your brothers searched all night. When that trade wind howls your name, that God Fearing Boy will free his soul with hopes to douse that flame.


This is a split record with Fred Oakman (WEEKENDS) playing on 4 of the tracks, and Fleets playing o 3 of the tracks. This album is currently out of print, and digital download is the ONLY WAY to get it anymore.


released May 16, 2009


all rights reserved



Fred Oakman Meadville

Singer/Songwriter from Pennsylvania.

" either get busy dying or keep busy trying."

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